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Sodium tert-butoxide

English name:Sodium tert-butoxide

Molecular formula::C4H9NaO

Structural formula:   

Appearance: white to almost white crystal (or powder)

Purity: 99%

CAS NO:865-48-5

Molecular weight: 96.1034

Package: 25kg / bag

Main uses: high purity solid, (liquid) body a, (b) sodium alcohol, tert butanol in industry, used in dyes, pigments and intermediates; plastics (polymerization catalyst of alcohol, fat and nitrile; used as neutralizer in the production of polyolefin by rinsing method); cosmetics and drugs (vitamins, sulfonamides, barbiturates, hormones, spices, flavors, fragrance (refined) oil; edible oil and fat (plants) Fat base transfer catalyst for animal fat and glycerin; synthetic detergent (catalyst for foam stabilizer and emulsifier); color paint and varnish (modified unsaturated fatty acid production). )

Main advantages: using sodium process, the obtained solid (liquid) a, ethanol sodium and tert butanol sodium have high content, low free alkali and strong activity, effectively increasing the yield and color of user products, thus reducing the transportation cost and production cost, shortening the production cycle, saving equipment investment, greatly reducing production links, ensuring production safety, and having obvious economic effect Benefits and social benefits.

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