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N-Phosphonomethyl aminodiacetic acid

CAS NO:5994-61-6 
Structural formula:C5H10NO7
Molecular weight:227 
Alias:N-(Phosphonomethyl) iminodiacetic acid;PMIDA;N-(phosphonomethyl)iminodiacetic acid hydrate;ntermediate of Glyphosate;2,2'-[(phosphonomethyl)imino]diacetic acid; 

Pure product and industrial product is white crystal; melting point: 210℃; lightly soluble in water; insoluble in organic solvents, for example, ethyl alcohol, acetone and benzene

Quality index:

appearance white crystal powder
purity(%) ≥ 98.0
loss on drying (%) ≤ 0.5
alkali insolubles (% ) ≤ 0.2
uses glyphosate intermediate
packaging inner plastic outter woven bag; net weight 25kg/bag or on requirement
density 1.792g/cm3
melting point 215℃ (dec.)
boiling point 585.9°C at 760 mmHg
flashing point 308.2°C


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